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  • Total Power Degreaser 750ml

For Cleaning

Engines - Transmission - Brakes - Carbs
Injection - Electronics - Pre Welding
and for any other degreasing job you care to name LEAVES PARTS CLEAN, DRY
Total Power Degreaser
Uses a very special formulation that cuts through grease and grime fast. Total Power
Degreaser has enough power to cut through grease with one BLAST ensuring excellent economy of use and Eco Efficiency. Once the parts have been cleaned you are left with a dry uncontaminated surface.
Total Power Degreaser is good for:

  • Engines - Gearboxes - Brakes - Carbs - Injection - Electronics
  • Pre-Weld cleaning - Upholstery grease marks
  • For any trade

Method of Use
For Degreasing metal parts spray in one good burst, repeat if necessary.
For non metal surfaces, check on unseen area first.
For Professional use only.

Total Power Degreaser 750ml

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